WET the revival - Google has their own blog


Remember WET magazine? Jennifer Sharpe has uploaded two whole issues of this late seventies gem just in time for us ripping the look in our current early eighties revival... In short, awesome eyecandy!

Meanwhile the prediction that everyone (and their animated spokescreatures) will soon have their own blog is truer that true. Google just started their own blog Googleblog, where they'll post Regular bloggy things: What Larry had for breakfast. What Sergey thinks of that Hellboy movie. Which Dawson's Creek character reminds us most of Eric. And perhaps, news about Google.....

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  • deeped's picture

    Would be strange if Google didn't use blogging since

    a) they own Blogger
    b) the whole Google-USP that they're g33ks like us and not the evil biz-demons as the "other ones" (read: Microsoft, Yahoo!)

    Me myself is a little fascinated that they've waited so long to use the blogging tool for their CR.

    May 16, 2004

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