Whare the Bali Hell are you?


Here's a half-smart spoof of the Australian Where the bloody hell are you? tourism campaign applied to Bali. Australian visitor numbers to the Indonesian island are way down since the Bali bombings and bad press surrounding the high-profile Schapelle Corby, Bali nine and Michelle Leslie drug trials. The once favourite haunt of pissed-up Australians in thongs (flip-flops) and sluggos (Speedos) is being given the cold shoulder.

Compared to last year, the number of Australians visiting Bali has dropped from about 224,000 to 95,000 - a 57 per cent slump.

But the number of European tourists heading to Bali has fallen far less - by about 15 to 20 per cent.

Australian, Brett Morgan, who owns a hotel on the island, has produced this online viral marketing campaign at wherethebalihellareyou.com which looks like a good idea looking for some decent acting and production.

It stars a smiling Balinese guy who points out that Bali's attractions are now being enjoyed by tourists from other parts of the world rather than the formerly ubiquitous Aussies.

"Hey look, the Japanese are surfing your bloody waves,"

"The Russians are in your bloody spas. The Dutch are wearing your bloody thongs. The Americans are doing your bloody shopping.

"The Italians are drinking your bloody beer. The French are eating in your bloody restaurants. The Germans are laughing in your bloody pool bars."

At the end of the clip, the Bali bloke asks: "Aussie ... where the Bali are you?"

The video was shot in Bali over two days and cost just $3000 to make - and it looks like it.

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  • malkie66's picture

    Oh brilliant. I checked the link when I posted this - www.wherethebalihellareyou.com and now it's showing "Bandwidth Limit exceeded". That's a good campaign guys. Well done. I guess you really don't want any more visitors to beautiful downtown Bali.

    Nov 13, 2006
  • Dabitch's picture

    web success is tough to handle....poor sods.

    Nov 13, 2006

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