What do girls look at? Man dresses up with hidden cameras to find out.


What do girls look at? Man dresses up with hidden cameras to find out.

Anthony is a well groomed, handsomely fit and very curious man who wants to know what do women look at when they first meet him. So, he dressed up with four hidden cameras placed on his body to conduct this very important market research/experiment. He is armed (hehe, pun) with a crotch cam, a bicep cam, a butt cam, and a glasses cam. The cameras record his "I'm a lost tourist" interactions with women around New York City, and unsurprisingly his biceps, butt and crotch is being checked out at each interaction. By the end of the experiment two lovely young ladies decide to walk with him half a mile to his destination. Wonder what perfume he was wearing.

The brunette in a blue dress was stared at by Anthony, as the glasses cam reveals. It's a two-way street! Who would have thunk it?



He was wearing Macho, by Faberge. View here, http://tinyurl.com/3evhrxv

That being said, anyone would have looked at his biceps. Even guys, particularly gay guys. So it's not just girls. Also, can you tell those were really randomly picked girls? I mean this whole thing could have been staged.

Ha ha ha, that has got to be the most phallic looking bottle I've ever seen.

True, the whole concept could have been staged, but It was amusing when it turned near porn-scripty bad at the end.


I also found it amusing just like I found the iPad girl amusing (done by Thinkmodo again). And before the iPad girl we got the Nude Gaming Party.
So the guys definitely do nice stuff. But I have this nagging feeling that we don't have "real" unsuspecting participants in any of these projects.

And yes, there is indeed something to that vintage bottle.. lol

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