What a pair of boobs

Two years ago radioshow hosts Jim Krenn and Randy Baumann got some media attention for their billboard, this year radioshow hosts Lex and Terry are getting media attention for the same tasteless tactic.

They both plastered giant boobs on a billboard.

Back in april 2002 the Post-Gazette reported about Jim&Randys billboard.

The bosomy billboard promoting their WDVE morning radio show is getting a rise all over town, including a flurry of letters to the editor followed by a story and photo in the Post-Gazette and other media reports. Made you look, made you talk, made you write.

On the billboard, the woman has been reduced to her essential elements, two glistening and apparently inflated breasts held aloft by a bikini top under the ejaculation, "What a pair!" Note the absence of a head enclosing a brain, clearly expendable in the world of morning radio, where grown men traffic in seventh-grade-boy humor. It's a living.

It's worth reading the post-gazette article, more wordplays than you can shake a stick at there. Meanwhile this year, this week the Sun Herald reports that there is another boob-poster out there, Lex&Terry's.

Rock station WCPR 97.9 has rented 10 billboards featuring an artist's rendition of a woman's breasts, clad in a bikini top, advertising a satellite morning show featuring "Lex & Terry".

The word "Lex" is printed over one breast, while "Terry" is printed over the other. A slogan exclaims: "What A Pair."

The stations marketing manager Buddy Burch wins worst use of old adsaying here: "You have to get attention. That's what advertising is all about. You have to push the envelope, to a degree".

I got a fresher saying Buddy might want to keep in mind, shocking for attentions sake is nothing but a cheap ploy.

Hat tip to tlevitz. We can't post the billboards here for your viewing pleasure, Paypal would have a heartattack and close our account again you know.

Whatever this regression into 1970s 'humoristic' sexism is, it's not pushing the envelope. At least we know who the boobs are. (pun!)