What Schitcky can teach us

Here is an infomercial starring the former Sham Wow/Slap Chop spokesman who was last seen "getting the crap kicked out of him" by a prostitute.

Picking on the ad is low hanging fruit, so we won't bother.

Besides, this "reply" to the Schticky ad by someone named TheReplyGirl is infinitely more interesting. Because it gives us a peek into the mind of the consumer.

This video is proof that people have recall and will tell their friends about an ad. Not in the focus group coerced way. But in this way:

Watching this drives home an important two points worth repeating:

1. The first is people will never remember the 800 number. So putting it there is a waste of space.

2. Clients insist their advertisements are overloaded with information. But people will never remember that much of it. Their level of interest isn't that high. They are busy. They have reply videos to make.

Still, even with this horrible infomercial, TheReplyGirl was astute enough to cut through two minutes of bad puns, sight gags, information overload and general creepiness to favorably sum up a product she's never used. In less than 30 seconds. So what if she flubbed the brand name? That's what search engines are for.

Really, what more could a client want to generate interest?

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