What type are you? And which types will live happily ever after?


What type are you? And which types will live happily ever after?


At extensis typecaster you can mix and match your fonts to see who might hit it off in a little TV show thingie - and try and suss out which font you are. No matter how many times I took the quiz, I ended up stencil. Ack! This thing would have been so much better if there was a choice of non-insulting fonts as the characters. Ok, fess up, who here got Comic Sans as their type? Anyone? Bueller? Hahaha *points and laughs* I'm only doing that to make me feel better. I mean, sheesh, I got STENCIL man!


I also got STENCIL, and I tried to be very honest about it. I think I'll try a few more times, and try to force a different font to come up.


The only font I was unable to get was AMERICAN TYPEWRITER. I'm sure that I missed a couple dozen permutations, though. STENCIL came up time and again, as did COMIC SANS and HELVETICA.

Well, since I got American Typewriter, I can only assume you're lacking in style, culture, panache and general good looks. Never mind, we can't all be like that. ;)

American Typewriter. Could be worse.

American typewriter would have been perfect for me! We should date. I'll be wearing combat fatigues and hoping you know a thing or two about bomb-making.

Well, I did have a small incident with a chemistry set once.

Papyrus!? I loathe Papyrus! Damn this test to hell!

Stencil. Boo. I question the validity of this test.

I question the font choices. Could they be more bland/hated/common? We're individuals dammit! Also:

When asked, "What's your type?", I usually answer "ELITE"! (very old joke)

Well, I tried to be honest too (as honest as possible when none of the choices are right, anyway), and.... ta da! Stencil!

I haven't studied bomb-making much, but I do know how to kill somebody with a ball-point pen...

I am Helvetica. I wear all black and live in a minimalist apartment.

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