what we say to clients...

...and what we really mean.
-"We'll certainly consider that"
-Don't make me laugh!

There is a major opportunity
We need your money

Our advice to you
Our invoice to you

That's a good point, but...
I've heard some rubbish in my time...

We've been thinking
Because you obviously haven't

There's a lot of support for this concept
This is our only concept

May I make a suggestion
Do this or you're neck deep in shit

That's a challenging brief
What the FUCK do you mean?

We'll need to visit the factory
We know you have a factory in Hawaii

We won't need to visit the factory
We know you have a factory in Siberia.

This is award-winning work
You won't understand this

We've taken a radical approach
We gave this job to students

We'd like to challenge your brief
We haven't done the work yet

We've done a lot of analysis
The invoice is bigger than you expected

We've had a breakthrough with your product
You won't recognise anything you're about to see

Our creative director worked on this
If you don't buy it, you can tell him.

We're going to do a sketchbook presentation
We scribbled this down in the lift on the way up

We've done some very sketchy thinking
We worked on the wrong brief

We had three teams working on this.
Our presentation is very confused

I can sense your excitement
Hello, is anybody home?

You've given us a lot to think about
You've completely change the brief... Ass hole!

We'll go away and refine these concepts
Shit! We'll start from scratch...

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Clarks " Nature IV redesigned redefined reborn. (2017) 1:40 (UK)
Clarks " Nature IV redesigned redefined reborn. (2017) 1:40 (UK)

Clarks debuts a redesign of its flagship shoe, the one called Nature. It's taken the 30 year old shoe design and given it a radical overhaul, but not at the expense of craftsmanship.

Toyota Highlander "Discovery machine" (2017) :30 (USA)
Toyota Highlander "Discovery machine" (2017) :30 (USA)

With the 1950's cocktail jazz drums and the magical lights appearing and fire bursts and doors opening with hosts in white tuxedos passing by

Diesel "Make Love Not Walls" (2017) 1:38 (The Netherlands)
Diesel "Make Love Not Walls" (2017) 1:38 (The Netherlands)

David LaChapelle directs this break-down-the-wall spot for Diesel's Spring Summer 2017 collection with a theme about breaking through walls (literally) to stop the barriers between us.

Burger King "Adult's Meal" (2017) :30 (Israel)
Burger King "Adult's Meal" (2017) :30 (Israel)

Kid's meals are nice and all, but it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. And Burger King has something special in mind for all you adults.

Dairy Farmers of Canada "Hockey" (2017) :30 (Canada)
Dairy Farmers of Canada "Hockey" (2017) :30 (Canada)

Clever pastiche of the old beer commercials of the 70's and 80's. With majestic music playing and men being men with real mustaches that haven't been groomed.

Converse "Millie Bobby Brown" (2017) 1:15 (USA)
Converse "Millie Bobby Brown" (2017) 1:15 (USA)

Converse taps Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown to delve into the world of Converse in movies. Well specifically, The Breakfast Club and Back To The Future.


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