What will win in Cannes? Place your bets people.... here's ours.

Cannes lions winners 2010

What will win in Cannes? Place your bets people.... here's ours.


It's 15 days until Cannes Lions Fest and we know that Spike Jonze, Ben Stiller and Yoko Ono will be there as well as Uniqlo with their T-shirt competition, the silverbacks Sir Martin Sorrel, Maurice Lévy, the creative leaders David Droga, Jeff Goodby, Akira Kagami, Marcello Serpa, Mark Tutssel, Erik Vervroegen and Fernando Vega Olmos as well as the godfather of flashmobs Charlie Todd.

But enough of the namedropping, who will win? Lets guess and place our bets in the office pool shall we?

Top choices to duke it out in the Film Lion corner - Canal+ "Wardrobe" vs Old Spice "the man your man could smell like"

Social media award category - HOT

and.... not

It would be FABOO if Nokia's worlds biggest signpost took home yet another award, but there is stern competition among the contenders that use online/social media and offline components. Our favorites that we think will go far include;

update How on earth did I miss putting the COKE HAPPINESS MACHINE in here? I swear it was on my list.

... and there are many many more great campaigns out there competing this year.

Who are you betting on?


This Cannes will be an even bigger joke than last year, when Cannes Lions 2010 has named Mark Zuckerberg "Media Person of the Year"

Halo has consistently kicked ass in all awards shows in recent memory and if "The Life" doesn't win a Lion something is very wrong.

Halo 3 ODST - The Life - (2009) 2:32 (USA)

That's a good bet. Also every single one of those five lines and five films Philips ads will bring something home. My favorite is "The Gift" which might just get Erik Rinch a ticket to Hollywood features.

Philips - Parallel Lines - The Gift, by Erik Rinsch (2010) 4:55

Anyone else care to place a wager?

To: naysayers,
The Gift is the one. If Mr. Rinsch gets less (see above prediction) there will be riots in the streets.

Class meets class: Watch "The Gift" then watch Bruce Branit's "World Builder" (2009) and tell me 'The Gift" didn't jump high enough. I have ninja sisters. No spoilers from me on Mr Branit's film.

I'll help you riot.

True. I was near ranting about not getting top award until the importance of craft award sunk into my concrete brain. Award politics for top Lion ( ¿blue shirt tweeters? ) made it 2nd fiddle to the craft award. Congratulations!

c'mon, I might have badlanded it but that's no so bad. Compared to the WTF that is Dreaming in Mono. For McDonald's. Kid you not.
Dreaming in Mono - Teaser 0x1 - (2010) :31 (Sweden)

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