What is your blogs name, and the reason behind it? What is your username, and same?

A friend of mine states on his blog that "More and more people are being quite open with who they are, even when blogging. Still, some people keep blogging using their handles" in his post "Bloggnamn och handles". He wants to know two things;

1) How did you create your blogs title/name? Or, if you are using a handle when commenting in other blogs, how did that handle come about?
2) What is the story behind your handle/username?

In a world full of ad-this-or-that blogs you might not find my answer all too surprising. Back in 95 I was loving Zeldman's Ad graveyard, and a guy named Dave Dumanis who wrote a piece every Friday which he called Ad Lib - so when I decided to make an ad-obsessed site with all the worlds ad gossip and ads on it, Adland was a rather obvious choice. My only regret is that I didn't buy the dot com domain name at the time.

Dabitch on the other hand, is not my real surname even though it is in fact a surname. In the days of DukeNukem3D another gamer simply dubbed me that (presumably for my headshot-camping habit during deathmatch) and the name stuck. It was also a practical choice when signing up for emails, or on other websites as unlike my real name, it's not full of those funky dotted and circled letters. Plus, it is still a real name.

Now that I've fessed up, what's your blogs name, your username/handle, and the reasoning behind it?