What is your blogs name, and the reason behind it? What is your username, and same?

A friend of mine states on his blog that "More and more people are being quite open with who they are, even when blogging. Still, some people keep blogging using their handles" in his post "Bloggnamn och handles". He wants to know two things;

1) How did you create your blogs title/name? Or, if you are using a handle when commenting in other blogs, how did that handle come about?
2) What is the story behind your handle/username?

In a world full of ad-this-or-that blogs you might not find my answer all too surprising. Back in 95 I was loving Zeldman's Ad graveyard, and a guy named Dave Dumanis who wrote a piece every Friday which he called Ad Lib - so when I decided to make an ad-obsessed site with all the worlds ad gossip and ads on it, Adland was a rather obvious choice. My only regret is that I didn't buy the dot com domain name at the time.

Dabitch on the other hand, is not my real surname even though it is in fact a surname. In the days of DukeNukem3D another gamer simply dubbed me that (presumably for my headshot-camping habit during deathmatch) and the name stuck. It was also a practical choice when signing up for emails, or on other websites as unlike my real name, it's not full of those funky dotted and circled letters. Plus, it is still a real name.

Now that I've fessed up, what's your blogs name, your username/handle, and the reasoning behind it?

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  • Neo's picture

    My initials. Thankfully, not many people know my middle name.

    Aug 12, 2008
  • discusster's picture

    Blog name: The Letter... named after a track on the Kristin Hersh album Hips and Makers, for no reason other than it was a good name.

    My username "discusster" was inspired by an old acquaintance of mine, a guy called Dick, who used to nickname himself dickster (or dixter). So, when I first came up with a username for discussion forums I chose discusster as a combination of "discuss" and dixter.


    Aug 12, 2008
  • TDD's picture

    TDD are my initials. I've used a lot of handles since when the internet was all green text. Sempersolus is one I have kept.

    I just set up a blog where I use my real name. It's just some poetry I have written over the years, and so I wanted to be sure about using my real name for copy-write.


    I also have:


    I'm just waiting for the time and interest to start it.

    Aug 13, 2008
  • plantationrestaurant's picture
    plantationrestaurant (not verified)

    I created a few blogs in the past using wordpress. They were not easy to create. One of them was about a topical subject the other was an acronym.

    What was my reasoning behind my creation? I wanted to learn and also experiment.

    Now I am convinced that blogs are an excellent resource and tool for marketing your business. If people are starting out in online business. I encourage them to start a blog and then develop it by adding to it.

    I wish to add a blog to my site as a marketing tool. But, a blog can be used as journal for a non-business person.

    Aug 13, 2008
  • purplesimon's picture

    Blog name: purplesimon. I use this as it's my nickname and I don't use it for work (only the Web) so it means I can separate my fiction writing from my tagline writing.

    User name(s): purplesimon or purplesime

    Why? Well, to cut a long story short: Simon is a popular name for boys born in 1970s England. So much so that I constantly meet new Simons all the time. I used to wear a lot of purple. Almost to the point that I looked as if I belonged to a cult. One day, in a room with lots of people and several Simons, someone said, "Hey Simon," and five voices replied. They noted my attire and said, "No, I mean purple Simon" and so the nickname stuck.

    That's it. Boring really.

    Aug 13, 2008
  • RLDavies's picture

    I don't have a blog as there's not much point. I don't keep a diary for my own personal perusal, so why put one up for everyone to read?

    In forums I generally use some version of my own name. Usually go for "Robbie" unless it's already taken. The main exception is for NaNoWriMo (the National Novel Writing Month), where I call myself BlockBreaker. This is because I signed up for NaNo specifically to get over a creative block.

    I have YouTube and Wikipedia accounts which I want to be not obviously traceable to any other identities ('cos there's some weird people hanging around those places). For these I've chosen ancient Egyptian names which I won't repeat here.

    Aug 13, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    That's interesting - the "secondary" account names on youtube and the likes. Adland (this site that is) has a youtube account for Adland stuff, and I have one that I only use to comment creative original videos with but it's not under my usual nome de plume for the same reasons you cite above. I'm Peanut2 at stumbleupon only because I was eating peanuts when I was signing up (a very rare occurance).

    Aug 13, 2008
  • alex's picture

    My username is Alex after Alex in A Clockwork Orange. No it isn't, it's a reference to Alex Harvey. Actually, it's an acronym for Avian Learning EXperiment, after the grey parrot Alex. Or is it to do with Alex Ferguson, manager of the worst football team in the world? No, it's none of these. It's my real name, which I chose as my username because Dabitch knows me by that name and I thought it best not to confuse her ;) Open and transparent, that's me. I had a blog once, but I got bored with myself and stopped. I forget what it was called.

    Aug 13, 2008

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