What's missing is inspiration. MMmkay?


What's missing is inspiration. MMmkay?


Resume has a picture of a long billboard in Stockholm today that spells out the line: What's _issing _n St_ckholm?

Resumé reckons that they nicked the clever missing letters idea from the campaign for H&M that read: _HATS _ISSING in SOHO?. I saw those when I lived in New York in 2001, but didn't have my camera handy.

We'd just like to point to earlier ads in Badland ingle Ells for J&B and illeniu for M&M's, the M&M's did this eight years ago and the J&B ad is more than thirty years old.


I once saw an ad in Britain;  CH RCH What is Missing? U are   

Pun pun punfun.

I doubt there's any actual nicking going on. The idea's simple enough for multiple groups to come up with on their own.

That is true for most Badlanders, in the H&M vs MIO case it's just extra funny that the line (and font & colors!) are so similar.

Kind of how American Apparel's typeface looks so much like American Airlines.

Yeah, although I do think that J&B ad had ended up in quite a few ad books. Could also be unintentional copying as well.


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