Which actor would play you in a feature film?

Design Observer have been having a bit of fun with trying to suss out which actor should play which designer when designers get hep enough to warrant full length movies about their lives.

I can't stop laughing, some of the actor+designer pairings are not only spot on physically but also a great fit for how these designers (and actors) are reputed to be (or typecast as). Benicio del Toro playing Neville Brody is too good to be true, please won't someone make that film right now? Let it involve lots of cocaine, anarchy at Arena, someone sporting the original outrageous London wedge hairdo, clubkids that look like this and College of Communication students having sex parties, also, of course an all Depeche Mode soundtrack. I'd go watch that for the visuals alone.

Now, which actor would play you dear adgrunt, in a film about us?