Which actor would play you in a feature film?


Which actor would play you in a feature film?


Design Observer have been having a bit of fun with trying to suss out which actor should play which designer when designers get hep enough to warrant full length movies about their lives.

I can't stop laughing, some of the actor+designer pairings are not only spot on physically but also a great fit for how these designers (and actors) are reputed to be (or typecast as). Benicio del Toro playing Neville Brody is too good to be true, please won't someone make that film right now? Let it involve lots of cocaine, anarchy at Arena, someone sporting the original outrageous London wedge hairdo, clubkids that look like this and College of Communication students having sex parties, also, of course an all Depeche Mode soundtrack. I'd go watch that for the visuals alone.

Now, which actor would play you dear adgrunt, in a film about us?


Personally I find Anthony to be a better fit than Jack for Paul.

My suggestion: Dabitch vs Madonna

Neeej, sluta! Jisses, hon är ju ganska lik på den bilden.


What are you saying? I can't get any responses from an online Swedish to English translator. (I think I can get a few words - "Jisses" - Jesus?; "är ju" - Are you?


"No, stop it! Heavens, she's pretty alike in that shot" to be perfectly correct in the translation, though I wouldn't speak like that in English.

Same lips and eyebrow arch, at least (even if your eyebrows are dark). Similar look on your faces.

Because of the roles he plays as much as his general demeanor, I have to go with...

My turn!
Because both are saucy, outrageous, quickwitted cigar smoking trouble makers.

Also, wow Backman, spot on. William H. Macy should so do you. And I mean that in the non sexy way. teeheeehee

Maybe I have '80s nostalgia, but I think the best actor to play Lee Clow would be Michael Gross (father on Family Ties TV show).

My choice for Donny Deutsch is none other than The Hoff.

Only six picture comments before we reached The Hoff. New record.

Now, which actor would play you dear adgrunt, in a film about us?

The actor on the other end of the telephone you don't hear or see, but someone is talking too.

If that voicelessfaceless guy is you TDD, you did a great job in the Maltese Falcon.

More of Robblinks suggestions (I just photoshopped them together):


And this triple whammy - John Hegarty would probably like being played by Daniel Craig, but Shock jock Don Imus fits the part better. ;P

I already compared them here but Keanu Reeves as Juan Nonzioli from Spanish agency Shackelton is a given. :))

I asked my wife who she thought would be a good actor to play me, looking something like me, and apparently displaying (or able to display) similar aspects of my personality. (We were watching a Leno repeat with Colin Farrell at the time). She said that most of today's actors are too grubby.

In terms of openness, enthusiasm, fun, she thinks that Billy Bush (Access Hollywood) would be a good match for me - even though he's not really an actor (he has one acting credit for playing a game show host in the Stepford Wives), and even though he's almost 20 years my junior, has curlier hair, doesn't wear glasses, and seems to be 30+ pounds lighter than me. (Also, unlike myself, he's related to Pres. G.W. Bush).

Maybe I'll get her to snap a newer pic of me, and I can post it here....size>


How about Mariska Hargitay for a young Mary Wells Lawrence (she'd have to go blond I think though). And for an older Mary Wells Lawrence, perhaps Susan Sarandon?

How about Susan Lucci as a blonde instead?

How about Helmut Krone and Tom "Mr. C" Bosley?

Howard Luck Gossage will be played by stand-up comedian Greg Proops.

Hehe, I like that one.

How about Alex Bogusky played by the always unlikely hero John Cusak?

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