who killed the idea?


who killed the idea?

Herman Vaske's film for BMW is now running at whokilledtheidea.bmw.com.

Note: If you live in North America you shouldn't view the film, apparantly. (in fact, you can't so dont bother trying)
Try and spot all the Paul Arden style visuals and Dave Trott jokes. ;)



Re: who killed the idea?


it was the lorries, right?

Re: who killed the idea?

Nice one!

... then again, with those ladies and latex in the film, I couldn't say anything else.

Re: who killed the idea?

dammit! as a north american i want to see this!

especially the ladies and latex.

Re: Re: who killed the idea?

Me too!

Dabitch, could you do something about this? You seem to be able to do anything (smarm smarm - will this get me anywhere?).

Re: Re: Re: who killed the idea?

ha! probably not - there's (I guess) some legal reason North Americans can't view. Copyright perhaps, Fallon making the US version maybe?

Re: who killed the idea?

I'm in North America and...and..and....I have to see this film or I"LL DIE.

They even have a link to my Nadja website on the page, AND I CANT SEE THE MOVIE. HOW UPSETTING IS THAT???

Is there anyone in europe who is willing to help me out on this one? Please. :::cries:::

Email me: ReagentMaide@aol.com

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