Who is responsible for the "Birth of baby" captured on Google Street View?

Did the google streetview car really capture a birth of a baby asks PC Gamer Germany - but the answer is no. The actual spot has no birth happening on streetview now, and the building is mysteriously blurred... Which building is the blurred one? Erntedank formerly Brandenburgs, the creative specialists. Ah. Well that explains it....... Move along people, nothing to see here, just creatives doing what they do.

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  • HowieSPM's picture

    I have read stories of people knowing the Google Mobile was coming and staging pranks. I think the best would be a scene with people in HazMat suits roping off an area from a Radiation Leak. The driver would crap his/her undies.

    Nov 24, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    When it was here in town I was running around trying to catch up with the dang thing. Never caught it. Figured it might be funny if I appeared in like twenty spots in the same day, but I seemed to always arrive five minutes after the car had swept the area. GAH!

    Nov 24, 2010

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