who trademarked "22"?


who trademarked "22"?

No one has so far actually, but clothing retailer Hollister is suing rival chain American Eagle Outfitters for using the number "22" on their apparel.

The brash lawsuit filed in Columbus, Ohio asks a judge to order American Eagle to stop using 22, to destroy any clothes or ads with the number and to pay Hollister for any profits from those items. Hollister - owned by Abercrombie and Fitch - claims rights to the number as they have been using it on their clothing for three years.

Hollister never registered a trademark on the number, but says it has common-law rights to the number as a trademark, whatever that means. American Eagle calls the lawsuit frivolous and point out that Hollister uses more than one number on their clothing.



Bah! That's like Spike Lee trying to claim ownership to the name "Spike". Well, Viacom won that fight and is now on-air with the Spike TV network.

These lawsuits are starting to seem more like a PR ploy than anything else.

I wouldn't put it past Abercrombie and Fitch.

Of course not. Heck their new catalog is getting chatted up enough too with it's soft porn style. Another article called it more like Maxium than a catalog.

Schwimmers Trademark blog has some thoughts on it here:
That's Some Catch, That Catch-22
best quote: "A possibly relevant fact is that Abercrombie reportedly has sued Eagle three times recently (and lost each time). "

Completly unrelated, but as I lay in Bed watching an old british movie (with Dudley moore in it as a man who sold his soul to the Devil) two charachters were named "Abercrombie and Fitch" - synchronicity! I tuned in late so I have no idea what that film was called..... but it was funny. :)

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