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I know Dabitch is sick of the YouTube links but I think even she might go for this one. I found the story on The Daily Reel and I'm shamelessly re-running it here. "Willy, the claymation character from the British TV series Camberwick Green, has viewers "choking on their breakfasts," in the TV commercial for Oatso Simple porridge.

I had to watch this one a few times to realize that the farce revolves entirely around a crazy naked uncle. Much like the opening to the second Austin Powers movie, the creators of this "natural" oatmeal ad had to find creative ways to cover his private parts.

It is hard to tell if there is any real "flashing" involved, though The Mirror claims that "Windy accidentally revealed Guber's big secret when he moved a bowl from the microwave." There's definitely an extra piece of Plasticine in his nether regions," said one viewer. Quaker Oats, who made the advert, said there have been no official complaints so far." And Metro says "Morning Windy,' says a voiceover, 'you've got a visitor, your Uncle Guber from Norway. Oh dear! He's in the nib, Windy. Oh, he's a naturist, prefers to keep things natural does he?'

Uncle Guber's private parts are out of sight at this point.

But, as he carries his bowl of porridge away, keen-eyed viewers get a view of what appears to be his Plasticine pride and joy...

The Advertising Standards Authority said it had received three complaints about the ad, but none mentioned flashing.

One objected to the character dropping boiling cereal on his genitals.

Quaker said 'We are just keeping it natural."

I object also - what's the Advertising world coming to when it starts promoting filth like "boiling cereal on genitals". Something should be done about it. Disgusting.

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    Just for clarification, I'm not really sick of youtube/googlevideo per se, I'm sick of people "submitting" their ads to the commercial archive by uploading to youtube. If you have your ad in digital format, email that to us. If you don't have in digital format you can snailmail a VHS or Beta tape to us and we'll make it a Quicktime movie for you. (see "send in your reels" page). One doesn't build a massive archive of ads by linking out to third party sites where we have no control or say of the material posted. Youtube can move yank or delete anything so if you really want your ad found by adgrunts worldwide five years from now, send us the actual ad, not a link to a site that was born nine years after we started. Thanks. - ps don't StudlyCap Dabitch, pleeeeez.
    / rant off. ;)

    Nov 19, 2006

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