wine makers sue government for anti-drink ads


wine makers sue government for anti-drink ads


I thought i'd seen it all in the courtcases concerning ads.. - but of course not, pandoras box of lawsuits still has a few party tricks.

MARSEILLE, France, Aug 2 (AFP) - French wine-growers said Friday they had started a lawsuit against the government over a new anti-drink driving advertising campaign that shows a driver's view of the road obscured by a label from a wine bottle.

"By choosing a wine bottle label as the only product reference in its new campaign, the road safety department (a section of the transport ministry) is concentrating its attacks only on wine," the Wine and Society Association said.

It claims the ads go against a law prohibiting public messages from singling out just one product.

Soon we won't need any ads! We'll just send out the court transcipts as direct mail. Awesome.


that last comment is too true to be funny. (sadly)

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