Winners of 2004 CA Ad Annual and Book Smarts Books


Winners of 2004 CA Ad Annual and Book Smarts Books


Hello all and thank you for participating in our contests!

Winners of the 2004 CA Ad Annual (posters names were drawn out of a hat) are: Andreas-Udd, Alec, and deep.ed.
UPDATE: Andreas- Udd (already owning a copy of the annual) has graciously asked us to pick another name. Thank you all for playing and sharing your favorite ads.

Winners of Book Smarts Books:
Based on originality, insight, how close they were to the Book Smarts tone of voice (research), a set of books goes to...

by slydecix
You can trademark anything.™

by tomatosoup
What I really want to do is direct.


Congrats to the winners!


Me!? I won? I never win things. Thanks.

Now I feel bad, I have a subscription to the CA and already have the annual. Could I donate it to another worthy adgrunt who tried to win it? In the spirit of xmas and all, I'd rather it go to someone who doesn't already have it.

But thanks. :) I won!

A very nice gesture Andreas! I have just picked a new name out of the hat (see above). And bravo on winning! :)

Very nice gesture indeed - I'm sure I wouldn't have been as gracious, probably passed it on to my grandmother for Christmas...

Thanks to Andreas and the wonderful Adland people.

And a thanks to the people at CA for sending us copies to give away! :)

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