Wired : When the Spam Hits the Blogs

Michelle Delio at wired spotted our collective complaints at MeFi about referral log Spam and before we knew it, there was an article in Wired, linked to Adland and all. wehey!
This article also spawned an interesting discussion here at Kuro5hin. Hilarious commentby Tatarigami :

Maybe I'm just spending too much time pondering this one subject, but I'm getting sick of hearing 'innnovative marketing' as the reason for abuses we wouldn't accept from any other industry, under any circumstances. "Yes, we held the victim down and sodomised him with temporary tattoos of the MSN butterfly on our dicks. Now that was some innovative marketing!"

Excuse me while I get a sharp knife and an adman and 'innovate' a list of grievances into his forehead.

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