Wisk gets dirty dirty dirrrty!


Wisk gets dirty dirty dirrrty!


What is a brand faced with the problem of not having enough for a TV budget to do?
You may have seen the stickers, the jars full of dirt, or even the billboards depicting giant jars full of dirt, one headline reads "Cures Boredom", another "Reintroducing the world's first toy". These teaser billboards soon revealed that Wisk is behind them.

There are Dirt trucks, combo sample packages with both "Wisk and Dirt", even "Dirt-endorsed" stickers for Wisk bottles. Now there's even a website, AmericaNeedsDirt. Lowe New York birthed the idea while Unilever fell head over heels in love with it. Congrats to Anselmo Ramos, Melissa Nguyen on the Wisk team and everyone else involved on the account.


Cal Ripken, Jr digs dirt!?

Interesting tactic - and very different from anything else in the washing powder category. I like the "Dirt endorsed" sticker idea a lot.

Seems they've exchanged the Kool-Aid for Wisk itself.
Retarded. I just hope they get sued by trailer trash claiming the teasers led their rugrats to feed on a steady diet of dirt.

Adage article:

It's looking to dust off its Wisk laundry-detergent brand with a rare TV-free campaign that uses teaser ads on billboards and wild postings, a Web site promoting dirt and support from former Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. The idea is to get moms talking to each other about dirt and Wisk as they collect "Wisk points" in hopes of winning a visit from Mr. Ripken, who will makeover a tired Little League ballpark into a "dream field."

You just love beating adage to it, don't you? :P

Has anyone else noticed that competing brands are now doing campaigns on the same base idea "Dirt is fun" as whisk did in 2004?
I've just been to Europe and saw many name detergents there selling with lines like "dirt is good" and adult men getting very messy playing soccer and similar, and it made me think of this campaign again.

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