Wisk gets dirty dirty dirrrty!

What is a brand faced with the problem of not having enough for a TV budget to do?
You may have seen the stickers, the jars full of dirt, or even the billboards depicting giant jars full of dirt, one headline reads "Cures Boredom", another "Reintroducing the world's first toy". These teaser billboards soon revealed that Wisk is behind them.

There are Dirt trucks, combo sample packages with both "Wisk and Dirt", even "Dirt-endorsed" stickers for Wisk bottles. Now there's even a website, AmericaNeedsDirt. Lowe New York birthed the idea while Unilever fell head over heels in love with it. Congrats to Anselmo Ramos, Melissa Nguyen on the Wisk team and everyone else involved on the account.

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