Wonderbra spoofs Cadbury's gorilla


Wonderbra spoofs Cadbury's gorilla


It had to happen. The Cadbury gorilla viral has been spoofed by Wonderbra

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two cups full of joy. wow. :D

Jebus, if you're gonna go all Benny Hill on us with the bopping boobs gag to amuse the male audience, could you at the very frickin' least get a woman who knows how to drum? Please? It's twice as insulting since the editor didn't even bother to sync her first hits to the song. She's concentrating on wiggling rather than drumming, and I honestly don't see why that should appeal to the target market - unless there is a giant group of lesbian lipstic chic women who have lots of money to spend on undergarnments that I've never heard of.

"Hello boys" caught the tone of sexy 'empowered' lasses in the nineties who didn't mind a little extra push to look extra good. Who this is talking to I have no idea. Maybe the girls born in the eighties are wired totally different?

I can't see the target for this being women at all. To me, it seems to be aimed at horny guys who will go buy it for the woman in their life to wear.

Yeah, you're right of course. I didn't think of that target (probably because I'd maim a guy who bought me underwear. Only sparkly rocks please).

The guy wouldn't be buying it as a gift for you, he'd be buying it as a gift for himself!  You'd just get to wear it and play the drums.  ;-)

I was thinking the same thing about the drumming. It's not Buddy Rich, or Neil Peart! At least get someone who can learn simple air drumming! Even her bouncing was out of sync with the music.

If it was my spoof, I would have had her dressed in a gorilla costume (minus the head) with the big pectoral muscles.

I can only apologise for posting this...

heh. No, it's started a good discussion. :) Keep on posting!

It's interesting what is being said here and my apology was sort of tongue in cheek.

Seriously, I'm not convinced that Wonderbra advertises in the traditional sense anymore, they seem to court controversy or simply use the Axe/Lynx angle to sell their product, i.e., use sex and the female body.

As a man this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I wonder if it really will help their branding? After all, I think Agent Provocateur do it that bit better. Remember Kylie on the bucking bronco?

And I'm not convinced this is as good a parody as, say, the Tango 'Balls' parody of Sony, especially as it's not an exact replica of the original Cadbury's ad.

Also, thanks to the person who managed to embed the video and link to AdFreak. I'm a Luddite when it comes to code.

NP - I'll make that timyMCE helper a little better asap for coding luddities.

This is a bit self serving, since I've collaborated on some of their films, but I think coco de mer does a much better job of using sex and the female body to push their products.http://www.coco-de-mer.co.uk/

Actually you bring up an interesting point. Doesn't it seem as if there has been an increase in ads spoofing ads in the past couple years?

Why bother creating something original when you can just borrow from someone else.

Why the fashion model? It's all wrong, they should have gone all out camp for it to work. And by camp, I mean the playboy mansion.

The most insulting part of this ad is that she can not drum. Or she can't jiggle and drum at the same time. There must be hot looking females with breasts who can drum.

Io sono un clown e faccio collezione di attimi - H.Böll

I think the drumming was the key. She needed to be able to drum.

I would have had it start with a bad version of the Cadbury gorilla; the Wonderbra model comes into the shot, pushes the gorilla out of the way, and does some really good drumming and bouncing/jiggling. I would have also used a different drumming soundtrack (Perhaps, The Main Monkey Business, by Rush ;) ).

Her breasts would look great, and she would be drumming a hell of a lot better than the Cadbury gorilla. I also would not use extreme close-up shots of her breasts. I would like to think my audience was smart enough to get it without those kinds of shots.

So, I would try for the idea of Wonderbra making you look good with a fantastic bra, and the confident attitude of those who wear it.

Of course, I like women with an intelligent brain as well as nice looking breasts. What do I know?

You nailed it. They were concentrating too hard to make a spoof to sell their products. There are spoof ads that sell on their own merit - even to people who never saw what was spoofed. The cornetto spoof that Boddingtons made in the mid nineties and the tango spoof of Bravia balls come to mind.

I'm adding links to Buddy Rich and Neil Peart drum solos, and this claimed "Wonderbra ad" that prompted me to return to this thread and link to some real drumming!

The video is no longer available.

That's youtube for you. I can fix any damaged videos that WE have, but I won't be cleaning up youtube-broken-links.

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