Wonderbra's 3D billboard: the brands 13th anniversary with 3D ads, now even bigger

AdFreak and Adrants are going gaga over the latest Wonderbra idea, a 3D billboard in the UK. While Steve happily admits that he'll be a danger behind the wheel when posters like this distract him, just like that breathless Daily Mail article fears, Adfreak points out that Wonderbra have done the 3D thing back in 2008. That wasn't the first time, nor the only brand to do it I already Badlanded wonderbra vs Pushupbra back in 1997 for the old 3D glasses trick. Sadly the images in that post are tiny. Either that post needs a wonderbra or you need 3D glasses, I'm not sure which.

Personally, my favorite Wonderbra poster is the shattered poster glass one, selling rock hard boobs in Germany.

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