Wonderbra's thousand boobs mosaic ad is up.


Wonderbra's thousand boobs mosaic ad is up.


Wonderbra has found Britain's best breasts and completed the billboard idea we reported on earlier in: Wonderbra wants your breasts, melons, knockers, puppies and jugs. They shot the lucky Eva-wannabees and added the line; “D – G; Because we’re more than a handful” for the poster which was erected (teehee) in London august 11. The full poster can be seen at wonderbra.co.uk where you can zoom in on the poster to see each individual image.

Utalk marketing.com reports that the ad might even stop traffic.

Julia Nolan, Marketing Manager for Wonderbra, said “The campaign iris created has engaged with our audience and got them involved directly with the brand. The average UK cup size is getting bigger and we know that Wonderbra girls are proud of their cleavage whatever their size – this campaign has given them the chance to be confident, playful and sexy be they an A cup or an G cup.”

Full billboard:

I think I prefer the scary boobs that shatter glass poster.


Awful - makes me want to throw away any Wonderbra in my possession. Obviously either the writer or client doesn't get the demographic.

Yep, I really detest that line. It actually makes me hate Wonderbras.

My wife can't fit in them anyway, she has to go to Rigby & Peller.

I don't either - but I think I have some old ones around. Maybe I should burn them in protest, like in the good 'ol days. ;)
And by the way, just thought I'd like to mention the bizarre dual reality world we live in where women are supposed to have huge chests but few of the makers of their "containments" make them in larger sizes. Irony. :D

I no longer have any since I outgrew their (then) limited cup-ranges. This doesn't tempt me back however. Viva freja forever!

You might not admit it, but you are totally brand lojal.

Oh I'll totally admit to that. Also: PLEASE SPONSOR ME FREJA I can't afford all your cute sets! :) Hehehe.

I had no idea so many men bought Wonderbras!

I don't think Bravissimo has as many male customers as Wonderbra does.

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