Woot! todays deal: a looted monitor "Swear on me mum, it's all above board."

Woot! is where you'll get a daily deal wrapped up in a hilariously written sales pitch, but this joke might just be a bit too soon. They're offering a Famous Maker 23" 1080p LED Monitor as if it were looted, complete with rioters vs police image on the monitor.

Look, mate, don't trouble yourself about where I got it. Let's just say I'm passing the savings on to you, yeh?
Swear on me mum, it's all above board. Me mate Gez 'ere can vouch for that, can't you, Gez? An' 'e should know. 'E's the one who, er, let's say took delivery of the merchandise 'imself, right, Gez? Got 'imself a right nasty cut climbing into the, eh, distribution center, too, 'e did. All part of our commitment to low low prices an' that.
You won't get a chance to pick up an ultra-slim 1080p monitor like this every day, right? Ultra-'igh 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, which is brilliant if I remember me maths right. 5 millisecond response rate, it says 'ere. Real goer an' that. No smoke damage, eivver, unlike some other discount electronics about right now. Not available in stores, at least not in any stores 'round 'ere, not if me an' Gez 'ave anything to do wivvit.
So what's it gonna be? Let's make a deal, mate. Everything must go, pa'tic'ly as them sirens're gettin' closer by the minute. I'm sorta what they call a motivated seller. Buy now before me and Gez 'ave to do a runner.