Is Working Not Working a freelancer's dream come true?

A new site designed to streamline the freelancing process is in Beta right now.
Working Not Working was created by Justin Gignac and Adam Tompkins.

The goals of Working Not Working are fantastic : less time spent on self-promotion, more time being creative. It also acts as a way for hiring managers to find, favorite and create their freelance list.

Meanwhile, freelancers create their profile, including title, experience level and day rate. They also earn the equivalent of "mad props," and increase their reputation (and one presumes, their frequency of jobs) in the process.

They only need to sit back and wait to be contacted by a hiring manager. While it may seem like a casting session, it's better than having freelancers start a feeding frenzy by allowing direct initial contact with hiring managers. The goal is to streamline the situation. Not make things worse. And it's still better than the degrading and devaluing crowd sourcing process.

According to Creativity, Gignac and Tompkins' idea of charging Hiring Managers a monthly subscription to use the site, is another goal to deal with the problem of unpaid invoices.

I say, good luck. Vendors clients and agencies are already paying for the work They're just dragging their feet because legally they can. So I'm not sure an extra payment on top of what they already owe will make them pay any faster. But it's a noble effort, anyway.
The rest of the goals sound pretty awesome though. And the site is nicely designed to boot.

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