World class TV spots made in Germany

8 world class TV spots
Made in Germany

Is it me or does Germany get to enjoy the greatest variety and flood of brilliant tv ads ever? Now that we are in midst of uncertainties advertising has yet to overcome? Confirmed, increasingly large accounts go to small agencies. Here are eight world class ads done by three new boutique agencies and everlasting creative shop Jung von Matt. Perhaps you can sense the validity of social context even though you are missing out on the words?

  1. "Duplomacy" by LLR, Hamburg

    Courtship rivalry in poetry…

    The art of duplomacy
    • How to fold flowers with Duplo wrapping paper
    • Inquiry during church service
    • On Flickr


  3. "Everyone of us is being propelled by something" by Heimat, Berlin

    We the people reflect on what we are being propelled by. Testimonial campaign of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. The tune is originally by lovely Mia from Berlin - Hungry Heart. Brought to you by Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

    What are you being propelled by?
    • Germany's reasons for getting up in the morning.


  5. "Make it your project" by Heimat, Berlin

    Think of Hornbach as a Target type craftsman supplier. Would you have anticipated that hands-on, down to earth craftsmen could be reached with artsy-fartsy poetry? The slogan was quickly adopted as meme, and a brief Yippie-Yeah jingle tops it off adding some genuine US pioneer spirit and made this vigorous and most amazing stunt a running success.


  7. "We'll take the one with the flags" by Heimat, Berlin

    This nicely documents how decision makers opt for a more pragmatic yet helpless solution after listening to a true and tried solution . A real time documentation which makes us want to laugh and cry at the same time.


  9. "Who's invented it?" by Jung von Matt

    The tiny Swiss man who never grew tired of recconning that the Swiss invented this little herb drop. In times of 'copy and paste' it reminds us to keep wary of the origins of information. Sweet…


  11. "Fonic. This is the truth." by Heimat, Berlin

    In the highly competetive market Fonic get's much of the attention with casting Bruce Darnell as spokesperson to speak the truth in a slap-on blunt and unreasonable fashion. I am sold. No further prove needed.


  13. "Only Mr. Taylor with seat 3c…"

    It's the simplicity of this spot that gets us where it hurts most. An authentic airborne announcement of passenger Mr. Talyor with seat no. 3c to be the only traveler who has paid less using this low-air-fair aggregator on the web. Had a hard time remembering the URL though, even so it is superimposed during most of the spot. Sorry, couldn't google the name of the agency for you either…


  15. "Big changes start small" by Philipp & Keuntje, Hamburg

    Let this lovely, subtle ad promoting sustainability inspire you with stunning tilt shift effect which so seemingly naive fits our fancy for anything cute and infantile. Hipster music by Lisa Mitchell. Song is called 'Neopolitan Dream'.

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