The world votes for US president


The world votes for US president

If you (as a non US citizen) could vote in the US election, what would you vote for? That's what GlobalVote wants to find out.

The crazy creative agency/team also known as Benrik have set up the site and promises: the result will be communicated to the US media 48 hours before the real vote and will no doubt swing it!. So vote, all you non US people, go on.

Update; Never heard of the Benrik folks before? Get aquainted by reading their Fonk for thoughts over at blogfonk.

Poke London and Cow PR had a hand in creating this toy as well.



As the US tries to run the world, it'd be appropriate that world elect its president. Don't you think?

hahaha. the comments at metafiltercrack me up like:
Woo hoo! Now I too can have my vote for US President not counted!
posted by Quartermass

Wee, that was fun. I suspect it's probably more secure with better audit paths than Diebold's system too.
posted by sycophant
- chuckle laff. :))

As an American (voting for Bizarro Bush--that is, whoever has the best chance for defeating Bush, ie. Kerry) living in New Zealand, I am still not used to how many people here care more about my election than their own.
I even heard someone say that they "would give up a Labour government here" to have Kerry defeat Bush in the states.
And yes, all my absentee ballot forms have been mailed in.

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