The worlds first dog-billboard?

It's true what they say, advertising has gone to the dogs. You might remember when pet-food advertising elevated from it's usual P&G-inspired bore-and-repeat style as Whiskas dared to venture out on the creative branch with the world first commercial aimed at cats. The commercial depicted things cats (apparently) would react to, and another ad showed hidden camera footage of cats in their homes trying to chase down the funny squeking and moving things on their masters tellies. My cats didn't much care for that ad, but then again, they only watch sheep-hearding and golf on TV.

Well - new ground has been broken again as the worlds first dog billboard - aimed at both dogs and their masters - is currently touring Holland.....

Every 10 seconds the billboard emits an ultra-sonic sound that people can't hear, but dogs can. Matter of fact dogs can hear it extremely well. The animals respond by barking, so dogowners could actually think the dogs are responding to the headline. I can see it now -"My Fido is so smart he can actually read". Yes kids, it's the birth of a new medium: the dog billboard.

These limited edition dogbillboards are made a comfortable size for the actual target - the dog - at 100 x 70 cm, they will be placed in city-parks throughout the Netherlands 19-1-01. Headline reads: "Bark if you love Bonzo!"

Concept was dreamed up by: Pim Gerrits, Ben Lambers, Raphael Bartels at Publicis, Account was handled by: Hildegard Singerling (thats the cantina lady, which explains a lot about the account handlers at Publicis - hahaha!) Production: Eibert Draisma & Jan Rozenbroek from Invention Promotion