Would you wear Bin Ladin pants?


"Outraged Swiss authorities have revoked the Bin Ladin trademark that had been registered by the millionaire half-brother of the al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden."

Before September 11 the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property granted a trademark to Yeslam Binladin, giving him the go-ahead to use the name on a range of clothes and accessories. now Guardian reports that the Swiss body said it now felt the trademark could be considered ethically and morally offensive.

According to this the Guardian article , the institute has now decided to revoke the registration after reassessing its original decision.

Yeslam Binladin had high hopes for his brand, as he planned to launch a fashion label with his name.

Mr Binladin applied to register the two-word trademark 'Bin Ladin' in Switzerland and the European Union before the September 11 attacks.

why Binladin choose the now more common known spelling of "Bin Ladin" is unknown, nor how he had the foresight to register such a notorius name before the events.
The Guardian does not report on exact date of his registration.

The move was immediately condemned as a "bad taste" stunt, with one marketing expert likening it to an attempt to sell "Hitler-branded shoes". It was not until now however, that it has been widely reported.
Conspiracy theorists. start your engines.

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