Wrangler presents the fashion show that no one cares

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Like seeing models in tight jeans? Well not in Idaho.

Don't wear the jeans if they're too tight. And Wrangler is sponsoring this.

Fair officials have canceled plans for a tight-fitting jeans contest because of community complaints.

"Some ladies in the community think that it's inappropriate," fair manager Rhonda Livingston said.

Opponents of the tight-fitting jeans contest took their complaints to county commissioners, who deferred to the Bonner County Fair Board.

The women were worried the contest would exploit those who competed for the most painted-on pair of jeans, Livingston said. Though the contest is sponsored by Wrangler — and uses no tax dollars — Livingston said the event was canceled to keep the peace.

"I don't want people coming to the fair with negative attitudes. I don't want people to be unhappy; the fair is supposed to be fun," Livingston said.

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