Wrong is the new right. Copying is the new left.


Wrong is the new right. Copying is the new left.


WWW.TOSAY.IT "Public Interventions" displayed in the Behance gallery, the artists say their project is all about "text, streets and internet as an artistic medium"... but what I see is a very familiar line, and funnily enough a very similar type treatment. What are the odds?

See, on my wall (not on my street) there's a poster, which is available at the electricityshowroom, that I got a million years ago. "Wrong is the new right", it has a little girl jamming a toaster with a knife. At around the same time Chad Rea made books that had the same tone of voice, they were called book smarts and carried lines like: "The key to success is finding the balance between caring and not caring"... "Absurd is the new logic" would fit right in there.

That's not the hilarious in the "public interventions" street posters though, the funniest line is in this image (below): "The nonsense in it's purest form". In it's? Methinks you let the internet inspire you a bit too much here, guys.


Hey Ms Smart have you ever heard of Marcel Duchamp? Putting things in a different context makes the artworks out of the urinals.
Your ugly picture doesn't have anything in common with my poster and the whole project.
To tell you the truth you make me angry. MAKE ART NOT WAR.

Kiddo (since you are only 24 which means you were 8 years old when I began putting up Badlanders on this site), you're missing my point. Ideas repeat, and when the typographic treatment is this similar IT'S FUNNY. Kisses.

Perfect example of spell check being incapable of replacing human proofing.

I know. Someone could take a photo of Egor posting the original Wrong is the New Right print-the ugly yet renowned one with the toaster, put it in a urinal and call it "artworks". Maybe then we would all be flattered by the imitation. FUCK DON'T FiGHT © 2011

Recursive art.

Recursive? Wouldn't it be meta?

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