Xmas gift tips: Paul Arden Book


Ola fellow adgrunts, as we head into December, I thought I'd share some gift ideas of things that suit many adgrunts and pocketbooks. Even ad people are nice at least once a year. ;)

So, what should you be getting your mate in the office next door? One idea is to get them the Paul Arden book if they don't have it yet, see the book has now been translated to other languages, like Swedish! "It's not how good you are..." becomes "Inte hur bra du är..." - but the books advice is universal.

I wouldn't call it a heavy read, it's a book with the nuggets of wisdom Paul utters at any given lecture - such as the one he gave at the D&AD, nicely bound in one volume. Perfect gift for anyone who needs a little creative cheering up/kick in the bum.

Has the book fulfilled it's less than humble subtitle " The world's best selling book by Paul Arden" yet?
This is the only thing I disliked in the Swedish translation - there they translated the subtitle to read "a bestseller by Paul Arden". It seems that Pauls joke went far above the translators head - or perhaps the Swedish line is just far more subtle and I'm the one who's not getting it. ;)

I'm sure someone at your office will be cheered up by this book - perhaps it's you even?

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