Yet another fool sells his body as adspace and thinks he's original- ""

The cryptic email hyped:

The Advertising team has launched this site with the goal of creating a roaring adventure on the internet: Creating a human wall of advertising and making him visible worldwide!
You can join this incredible adventure by going to: .

I check out the site, and sure enough - it's some dude sorting out prices for parts of his body where you can place ads. Like a combo between those million-dollar-pixel websites and the countless "I'm selling my body as adspace" stunts we've seen over the years. So, it's the same thing yet again except with a less recognizable name and with more fish-eye-above-angle shots that got tired in the early naughts when the fisheye lens stock photo of the asian nerd made him the most famous geek in IT. At least Pat Lean has the brass ovaries to sell tattoo advertising space on her body. And lets not forget there's been adspace sold on prostitutes bodies, sponsor my melon, headvertising, pregvertising and assvertising - there was even a media agency set on selling vacant adspace on students foreheads. (also related - bumvertising) I know there's at least one more man in there whose goal was to sell his entire body as adspace from a few years back but my carpal tunnel is telling me to quit researching for other people now.

Oh, but have a real pro-looking sig in the email. Ain't it purdy?

I'm so over it I can't even roll my eyes anymore.

I'll admit, I did not open the .PDF When I say don't send press releases attached as .pdf's or word .docs (which practically every other blog is saying as well, including techcrunch who hates the same PR #fail queen as we do) we really mean it. Don't send PDF's or youtube links folks, pretty pretty please with sugar on top, you're just wasting everyones time.