Yoo-Hoo goes edgy


Apparently Yoo-hoo...the chocolate milk beverage, is doing a big promo tour this summer atthe Pop Disaster and Warped Tour concerts. This promo is headed by two guys, Nathan and Josh, who they claim to be the biggest Yoo-Hoo fans, or as Yoo-Hoo describes it on their site ""Hooligans". They are driving around the country in a yellow garbage truck with a rooftop lounge.
These two guys started Yoo-Hoo mania as part of their radio show at Pepperdine Uni. in So. California. After their radio show being a hit, they got the Yoo-hoo home office to help them launch "Hoo in the 'Bu Productions (Yoo-hoo In Malibu), a production company with the mission to make television programming that would popularize Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink in the greater Los Angeles." These guys definitely have a future in advertising or marketing.

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But what I find odd, is that this is chocolate milk. It's not a beer, a soda or a malt beverage, which have often gone the edgy route to sell products. This is milk. And when did milk become the cool thing to drink?
The marketing for this is sort of strange in my opinion. The radio spots they have running now for this even have the announcers saying "What? Is there alcohol in Yoo-Hoo now?" Radio stations, at least one of the one near me is doing promotions to go along with the advertising. Like, how much Yoo-Hoo can you drink before having to pee, keeping with their new edgy feel.
Does this mean if you give something an edgy brand image, you're going to be a hit with the younger demographics? And will the rest of the millk industry be quick to follow?

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