You know that you will go to hell for working in advertising, right?


You know that you will go to hell for working in advertising, right?

Adland: just listed: The 5 Creepiest Advertising Techniques of the (Near) Future - bless the little sods for looking over their stats and realizing that the "5-lists" bring them traffic so that they could bring us this.

They freak us with the funny, as when they say:

Google is already working on customizing its search results based on your personal browsing history, which requires only that it maintains a comprehensive database of every single thing you've ever tried to find on the web.
No big deal, right? After all, it's not like it would be embarrassing for you if all this information ever got out. You know, like when AOL made that information public on millions of its customers.

This reminds little ol' me of when I witnessed one of the fellas from Chaos Computer Club hold a lecture at HIP97. He explained that credit cards will "eventually hold all information about me" -- "and you"- so therefore; "I go out of my way to fuck up the system. I rent those (porn) films in a hotel rooms even when I'm not in the hotel room." (laughter from audience) "No, because I don't rent those films!" (loud cackling from audience)

While the audience acted like beavis and butthead, and I was trying to hide as my friends kept pointing at me whenever he said "advertisers" even though - to me anyway - he meant marketers . I am now being creeped out daily by what he said. Not only was he right, he was so way ahead. I'm oddly grateful that he has given me the incredibly bad habit (from a record keeping point of view) to buy random shit and return it just to "mess with the data", as he put it. Or use cash. Cash is good as long as there are no fingerprints.


You were at HIP97? I need photographic evidence of that. A hacker convention in Holland?

I just asked a friend of mine, who was also there if there was any photos of that. He pointed out sajber.jpg which shows me getting ready to be interviewed by the dudes from Sajber - a TV show about da intarwebs - (or post interview, not sure) in his folder HIP97 - I'm afraid that's the closest you'll get for proof on that. I was there, I just didn't bring a camera and randomly shoot myself.

And I'm the guy eating a sandwich at the table, on the right, with my back to the camera - because I knew there was a camera!

NO, NOT REALLY. :-) (Although, he does look a little like I looked about 20 years ago, at least from that angle).

Although I do know about Operation Dragnet, which had been planned to take place if the US declared martial law, back in 1968 or so. As a friend of mine from then (who was a member of the "Resistance" and the "Radical Organizing Committee") told me, "If you know about that list, you're probably on it...". . Also, a few federal cars followed me in the week before my graduation. (This probably stemmed from a fellow student applying to the CIA a few months earlier). Remember, it's not paranoia, if someone really IS following you!]

That Chaos guy had it right btw. I rent those films just to muck with the data too.

SURE you do.

All we need now is for someone to upload that particular Sajber show to Adland so that we can see proof you were at HIP97.

Bah. I'm sure tapes of that show are lost in the archives of TV forever. Or rather, I hope so.

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