You Take the High Road and ...

... I'll take the low road

The canny Scots have a new tourism slogan. Wait for it - "Welcome to Scotland". That's a cracker isn't it? It replaces the previous worldbeater "The Best Small Country in the World".

Apparently there will be extra slogans in the new campaign. Like "World Leader in Learning"..."First To Introduce Universal Education"...the brain-snapping "Home of Europe's Fastest Growing Life Sciences Community" and my personal favourite - "Home of Golf".

I dunno...I think we could do better than that couldn't we? "Home of the Single Malt" perhaps?

Or "Scotland? - You're Standing In It?"

"Have a Fling While You're Here".

"Scotland Take Your Hand Off It".

"Scotland - there's more to us than just whisky breath".

"Scotland - Now with EXTRA SLOGAN!" 

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