Young & Rubicam losing their young and damned


Gossip suggests that Ann Fudge may be the next one to get the axe from Y&R.

From Businessweek:

The turmoil has fueled widespread industry speculation that Fudge's days atop Y&R are numbered. In an exclusive interview with BusinessWeek, Fudge conceded that she and WPP are looking for someone to replace her as the head of the agency, though she'll remain in charge of the parent, which also includes PR agency Burson-Marsteller, branding powerhouse Landor Associates, and direct marketer

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell says that under Fudge, "Y&R Brands is strengthening," and Fudge insists the shift was always intended. "I want to focus on the whole marketing communications company," she says. Still, two senior WPP execs see her likely exit as a prologue to her leaving altogether.

Is this really all Fudge's fault? Y&R has been suffering worldwide before she came along, with chairmen being sacked everywhere from Copenhagen to Cairo. Can one CEO do worldwide miracles?

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    Ann Fudge doesn't seem too popular.... AdScam says: "....Ford's bosses where somewhat unimpressed when Ms. Fudge decided not to show up for the first meeting in the Jaguar review, which all the other competing agency CEO's made a point of attending. Dumb move Ann Baby! I remember at O&M, even in his late retirement, David would be wheeled in on a gurney if they thought it could save an account."

    Apr 18, 2005
  • Dabitch's picture

    ANd she's out. Adage

    After nearly two years as chairman-CEO of Young & Rubicam Brands and its troubled Y&R advertising network, Ann Fudge is being replaced as head of the Y&R network, according to a company statement.
    Currently in the second year of a three-year contract that ends in May 2006, Mrs. Fudge will continue as chairman-CEO, according to the statement.
    Mrs. Fudge was unavailable for comment. A spokeswoman said she was traveling and couldn't be reached.

    Apr 19, 2005
  • andromeda's picture

    I should have double-checked before posting. I see AdAge announced the news April 15. Sorry for bringing in old news, I had just gotten an email about it.*sigh* Only my second front page post and I managed to mess up....

    Apr 19, 2005

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