Is your client the client from hell?


Is your client the client from hell?


If you can't figure this out by yourself, there's a simple test at I'd take the test but I currently have a client who keeps sending my mile-long forms with yes/no questions so I've developed an allergy to these things.


If you have a client from Hell, dump them. Quit whining about it and move on... It's the same with people who constantly complain they hate their jobs. You have a choice people!

Yeah, I know it's meant to be funny, but ffs. It isn't, never was and never will be. It's not clever or even vaguely humorous.

My advice: don't bother with the quiz. You know if your client is one from Hell and no 20 questions is going to change that.

I'm having a bad week, forgive me.

Look on the bright side, you're having a great hair day!

Yes, many of these client=bad sites have been made, with varying degrees of actual funny added, I think we might collect them all into one giant linkfest of a Dupliclaim post one of these days. If I can ever be arsed, which isn't likely.

I always have a good hair day! 

I know, I'm jealous! I have a pointy head so I'm not shaving it again. Looked like a conehead.

I simply have to post this, even though it's not about advertising and there will be some people here that dislike people that do this simply to get brownie points.


On the Central Line (on the London Underground - the red one) if you sit with no one opposite you and move you head up and down, you can give yourself a conehead due to the convex(?) windows.

Many a drunken night entertaining fellow passengers and embarrassing my wife.

Hahaha! I'll have to do this sometime. :)
also, don't worry bout the brownie point "debate" thingie.

I don't worry about the brownie point debate thingie (thingy?) at all, but thought I'd say put it there as my way of being sarcastic.

Anyway, if I did worry about it, I wouldn't post this meaningless reply, as I'd be worried my two points might get taken away from me, my IP banned, etc, etc.

*runs off to check brownie point status in case he can use it for freebies on site... 


Yes, I couldn't even get through it.

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