You're addicted to Facebook

Over on Rehab International's blog is an infographic showing how big the dreaded Facebook Addiction Disorder really is.

Some choice factoids after the jump:

According to the infographic, Americans spent 53,457,258,000 minutes on Facebook in one month of 2011. That's a total of 100,000+ years.

Facebook is also a cause of stress. As apparently deleting friends, and the constant stress of coming up with witty status updates is bringing us down.

And finally, Alcohol, tobacco sleep and sex are easier to resist than FB.
(Note to FB community, and I know my Adland lady love agrees with me on this:
if Facebook is more interesting than sex, you're doing it wrong.)

The rehab site even has tips for combating social media addiction. Such as admitting you have a problem and then logging off. And defriending Mark Zuckerberg.

Jokes aside, computers and electronics have always been a problem. Just witness this harrowing PSA from 1982 starring none other than Lily Tomlin, bravely admitting her struggles with Pac-Man.

I heard she fell off the wagon recently, after Diablo 3 came out. Remember kids, the only way to to stay sober is to stay on the wagon. Besides, if today's Facebook stock decline is any indication, it's not a very good high.

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