"You're fired." "I don't think so."

Trumps plan for trademarking "You're fired." (reported here by Dabitch on the 18th) may have been trumped, thanks to a pothead.

Go small business!

Donald Trump doesn't know Susan Brenner. He will soon. The Northbrook woman could put a wrench in Trump's plans to trademark the phrase "You're fired."
As it happens, Brenner owns a ceramics studio and pottery store in north suburban Glenview by the same name. A friend suggested the name when she opened seven years ago, and Brenner thought it was a catchy pun.

But the name doesn't sound so funny to her now that Trump has lifted the phrase into the pop-culture lexicon and is trying to legally make it his own.

"Every person who walks into store now says `Oh you're copying Donald Trump,'" Brenner said. "And I say `No, he's copying me.'"
So Brenner took a page out of Trump's business handbook and called her attorney, who's drafting a letter to Trump seeking to halt his trademark plans.

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