Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer - Bus Hands - print, Australia

Germophobia was never this creepy.... Look at those arms, ew, ew, EW! *wipes brain with bleach*


Travelocity / Zuji Online Travel - The Zuji Beans promotion - Australia

Here's an interesting twist, in order to sell travel, they sold beans. Strategic agency The Hallway teamed up with creative agency Happy Soldiers to promote Zuji travel site. The main positioning for Zuji is "a company that is ‘Helping holidays happen’" so they set out to prove it, by way of cheap beans.

Logic is, that by saving money on everyday items, you can save up some dosh for a getaway trip somewhere fun. To kickoff the campaign, Hallway/Happy Soldiers created "Zuji baked beans" and sold them for just 10c a can. They even opened a few Zuji Bean Shops in Australia’s major cities and set up Zuji Beans stalls all around the country, selling nothing but cheap Zuji Beans. There was also print, outdoor, radio, DM and online ads to let people know about the beans = save for travels connection.


Veet - Everywhere's a catwalk - print, Australia

"Everywhere's a catwalk" oh that's just perfect isn't it? I'm not leaving the house until someone invents a non-stinky and permanent way of removing hair off my legs, where I won't have to waste six minutes of every day with gobs of icky stinky cream that doesn't do much but irritate my skin. Gosh, sorry, I just hate veet.


McDonald's - Open All night - Australia

During the day, punters only saw half of the yellow arch and some mirrored text, it wasn't until the dark at night when the adshel lit up that the message "open all night" became clear.


Nicotinell Nicotine Gum - World No Tobacco Day may 31st - print, Australia

It's a frickin' conspiracy. I was smoking when I opened the email with this one, wondering if I needed to buy eggs for my cake. Thanks a lot World No Tobacco Day and EURO RSCG Sydney. You got me. Now get me a beer.


Nurofen - Ned Kelly escapes - (2008) :45 (Australia)

Nurofen -  Ned Kelly escapes - (2008) :45 (Australia)

For non Australians, Ned Kelly is probably the most famous Bushranger wanted for murder and all sorts. This depicts the shootout at Glenrowan where Kelly, dressed in home-made plate metal armour and helmet, was captured and sent to trial - except in the ad it's a little different.


Andiamo - Fresh Pasta Poster - Australia

Andiamo is a Mediterranean restaurant in Brisbane, Australia and ad agency Junior in Brisbane wanted to send the message that it serves authentic foods.

The poster in the sign extended through it to hang below the sign like strips of pasta. A crank arm was attached to the side of the sign to complete the effect.


Amnesty International - Black Hole (2008) Ambient (Australia)

CD Adam Hunt: "The American Government's prison at Guantanamo Bay is a black hole where human rights and international laws are ignored. People are being tortured there regularly. This protest is to increase awareness that Guantanamo Bay is a human rights black hole, and should be closed."


Adidas Zero Tag / Zero Tolerance Against Graffiti - Bus Shelter - (2008) outdoor (Australia)

Link to larger image

Down under Adidas has a Zero Tolerance Against Graffiti - and this is what it looks like.


Vegemite makes you shoot cricket balls straight out of the field, ambient Australia

JWT Melbourne, Australia has done this little ambient stunt for Vegemite - the stuff that like Marmite you'll either love or hate. Like most foods that have an acquired taste, Vegemite is really good for you, in fact it's rich in Vitamin B and a great source of natural energy. To highlight this JWT put these tricky stickers on cars around the Melbourne Cricket Ground, making it appear as if cricket balls had been shot straight off the field and into car windows. Who wants to bet the car owners got really pissed off when they first saw it?