Toyota TRD Hilux - Traffic - (2008) :30 (Australia)

Toyota TRD Hilux - Traffic - (2008) :30 (Australia)

Australia's version of the "dude" dude, here are the "nod" dudes.


Don't Speed Ambient PSA - "Bars"

From Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney, Australia comes this ambient pedestrian crossing with a message - speed and you'll end up behind bars.
Link to larger image of the zebra crossing


Band Aid Waterblock Tough Strips - Snitch & wire.

Tough (and sweaty) situations call for a tough strip. JWT Sydney went undercover to shoot this ad with photographer Simon Harsent.


Durex Play Lubricant - Trainwreck - print p.o.s Australia

Spinach, Melbourne need to communicate the benefit of Durex Play lubricant in an environment that has an audience ranging from children to old prudes, so this Point of Sale poster for Durex PLay Lubricant had to have a perceived 'G' rating, yet not.


Target - Maternity Bra - outdoor.

Here's one for all those who fancy giant women, I guess. The Campaign Palace Melbourne has really put the engineered in maternity bras for Target.


Cancer Council - Get your moles checked - newspaper ads

I'm a sucker for any ad that uses the media it runs in to really drive their point home, aren't you? I'm especially keen on newspaper ads that do this, I've tried using those little holes at the bottom of the page in some ad ideas but I'm afraid I had boring clients. This is anything but boring though. Another good execution inside.


From the Campaign Palace in Melbourne for the Cancer Council of Victoria.
Commercials: - Scary doll - (2008) :45 (Australia) - Scary doll - (2008) :45 (Australia)

We all have our reasons for getting away. This guy has his girlfriends' seriously mood-killing doll to blame. (and possibly killing doll.. That things is creeeepy.)


Schick Quattro - smooth as ice - Ambient, Australia

JWT Sydney says: "The superior quality of Schick Quattro razors ensures exceptional smoothness. To demonstrate this, we fitted a zamboni machine at Sydney's largest ice arena with a giant Schick Quattro razor."


RSPCA - Tea Towel - Australia

This tea towel was created for the RSPCA Summer Appeal by M&C Saatchi, Melbourne - RSPCA Victoria need to raise money during their Summer Appeal to help drought affected animals.

I've seen lovely printed tea towels in advertising before, but none punning on the fact that tea towels indeed get wet. Have you?


The Father Bob Maguire Foundation - Eat Garbage - Ambient

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne says:

For Melbourne’s homeless, life is a struggle; it’s the little things like getting a decent meal that can be the most challenging. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne's task was to raise awareness for Father Bob’s Foundation and their service of providing food for the homeless. Our solution was to create three ambient stickers; A knife, a fork and a call to action. The stickers were strategically placed on bin tops around the city. The knife and fork sat either side of the bin opening to give the impression that the hole was a plate. The stickers proved quite confronting and forced people to recognise that the homeless need their help.