Aardgas (KVBG) – Gaz Naturel (ARGB) Belgian Natural Gas Association / Knitted 2 - (2012)

TBWA Belgium's new commercial shows ever so gently how renewable energy and natural gas go hand in hand, and just like the one last year everything knitted grows on stuff like kudzu. The film was directed by Olivier Babinet and produced by Lovo Films for the Belgian Natural Gas Association. Am I the only one thinking that little terrier was going to turn into a knitted dog?

field print

Toyota wanted to get the word out that ,any car accidents happen when the driver is backing up. So, along with Happiness Brussels they got a bit of art on for Toyota.

The carmaker commissioned a series of 3d street paintings from artist Ernest Zacharevic , who painted a series of murals in a Brussels parking lot. The murals depict innocent kids playing and having fun, right in places where drivers are most apt to back up.

Along with all of them is a line: "Protect what's behind you. Drive with a rear-view camera."

Emotional without being sappy. Straight and to the point. And the drawings are quite beautiful, too.

Nice one, guys.

How do you announce that with the TGV you can travel non-stop from Lyon's to Brussels? Why not invite the people of Lyon, one person at a time? On the morning of September 21th, Lyon woke up to find a 3 meter high cube in Place de la République. The cubes had little face-sized holes in them. Underneath the simple hole the message read "Take a look at Brussels". Many curious person had to poke their head in it.

During two days, hundreds of inhabitants of Lyon got caught up by their curiosity, and to their surprise, found themselves thrown into Brussels. Yes! The inhabitants of Lyon were received live from Mont des Arts by the mayor of Brussels, his official band and the people from Brussels, faithful with the reputation of Belgian hospitality. Tres bizarre!

Happiness Brussels, who brought you the award-winning IQ Font , are now beating Google to the punch in Belgium. As it turns out their over-sized Google Map cars can't get through the small streets, so the wee IQ decided to act all superhero and complete the google maps route for them. All the residents on the wee streets will receive a DM from IQ when their street is available on www.iQstreetview.com, showing off the cars small-street skills to the exact punter who might have use for it. Clever.

Enchanté/Adhese's work for the Foundation Against Cancer is a weird cross between "Big Brother" and a bizarro "Wife swap". They flew five couples to a sunny desitnation, and while they're sleeping the girlfriends sneak out of bed while their own mothers take their spot. Cue boyfriends waking up and freaking out (one even snuggles his mum-in-law for a bit first). “Make sure your girlfriend protects herself against the sun, or she’ll start looking like her mom far too soon" reads the line at the end. So the boyfriends were targeted so that they could tell their girlfriends what to do? Wouldn't a young woman's appeal to vanity work better than turning any significant others in her life into nags? I suppose this clip is meant to spread on the hilarity/nightmare of waking up next to your mother-in-law but it's not tickling my funny-bone. Maybe it's a guy thing.