Ah... Yet again we have a hidden camera prank played on the supposed unsuspecting public (and not paid actors, or friends of the production team, nope)... This time there's a lost phone on the ground and the person who picks it up.. or "steals" it, gets a fantastic tour of Shanghai, the best hidden gems, the best food, the best bars, the best nigh-clubs... Wow! How fun the be the lucky one who finds this phone! And while that all shows off Time Out's skill in finding the best bars, hidden gems and surprising street food, the hidden camera thing is getting a tad long in the tooth. What a delightful coincidence that the two ladies who found... "stole"... the phone had the entire day off and no qualms at all about stepping into a London taxi going to wherever.

Coca Cola - Ice Breaker - (2013) 2:00 (China)

Two minutes is spent on explaining this vending machine idea. Can't we make these clips shorter? The idea is rather simple, tighten the caps on Coke bottles, fill a vending machine with these prepped bottles. Put the vending machine in the most romantic park of Shanghai. Wait for young ladies to fail opening a bottle who will then need to ask the nearest man for help, hope that romantic sparks fly.

In a city where it's hard to meet people, it's a cute setup to allow for making new friends and that is very "Coke". It might not have even made anyone go on a date, but at least there was some conversation and smiles shared. And if friendships were forged, it all began over a shared Coca-cola moment. This is so on brand my head hurts.

Peta "Runway reversal" (2013) 2:40 (U.S.A.)

Just in time for New York fashion Week, Peta takes us once again into heavy-handed metaphor land in their usual sloppy way.

But the interesting rub this time is that this was done by Ogilvy & Mather China. They're not allowed to protest in China, but seeing as how the girl in the cage is Chinese, it's pretty freaking obvious who they are targeting.

My favorite quote from from the press release I received was "For obvious political reasons, protest is pointless in China."
I know, right? We never talk about Tiananmen Square. And Falun Gong? Do they serve that with pork or chicken?

field print

It all began one day when grandpa wanted to show his granddaughter something about layering clothes to create a look, he put some on and before he knew it, the young women running the store made him their main muse. See Yuekou for the full picture of grandpa.

According to an interview with Ms. Lv, it all started when one day her grandpa Liu came to help with unpacking: “He picked up one piece and tried to give some advice on how to mix and match. We thought it was fun so we started shooting.”

From offbeatchina>

Like netizen 东皇薄荷 commented: “He almost feels like Karl Lagerfeld!”

field print

Angry birds have invaded China by way of McDonald's. A special location-based campaign created by TBWA\ Shanghai in collaboration with Rovio allows game-players who visit McDonald's to unlock special hidden game modes and get free Power-Ups. Oh Finland, once you sold tyres all over the world, then cutting edge cellphones, and now you're the king of smart-phone games.

The location-based campaign is available to the millions of Angry Birds fans on iOS devices in China and serves as an invitation to others to join in and download the game.