SEAT - Ibiza Olé / Bugs joyride - (2011) :30 (Denmark)

SEAT - Ibiza Olé / Bugs joyride - (2011) :30 (Denmark)

Bugs hitch a ride on a Seat. (Danish only)

DYCCA 2011 - Hitler Frisbee - Danish Frisbee Sport Union

field print

This was entered as a response to the brief in the Danish Young Creative Circle Awards 2011.

Thai Airways - Wanderlust - 2009 - Spec

A commercial that transports the viewer from the mundane, rainy everyday life to
magical, dreamy Asia aboard the air carrier Thai Airways.
Spec Commercial.

BedreBustur.DK - Mukhtars Birthday / Flash Mob

You might think we've done all the variants of hidden camera filming and flash mobbing combinations by now. And you'd be wrong, because here comes another one! In this stunt, Mukhtar the bus driver has a priceless reaction to the sudden celebration of his birthday by everyone on the bus he's driving. But wait, there's more, as what looks like a typical demonstration that is blocking the street, turns out to be in on it. I think I see Mukhtar crying at the end. Aaaw.

The film received one million views in just one week, which is rather impressive considering Denmark only has a population of 5,500,510 people (and twice as many yummy bacon pigs). - Fraklip / Old lady jokes - (2010)

In this clip the nurse gives the old lady something to drink before the X-ray and asks her to drink it all.

Dansk Sygeplejeråd (DSR) / - Nurse revives man with her breasts

The Danes are making fools of themselves Danish women again in viral videos. This time there's no "Karen desperatly seeking the father of her baby", but a heroic nurse who straddles a wounded man, resuscitating the patient with the help of her naked breasts and some sort of stripper CPR.... "We have signs of life!" shouts a male nurse while the female nurse signals "Call me" to the patient.

Nikoline - Fuld af Frugt - (2010) :30 (Denmark)

This ad has a bad case of Sony Bravia Balls envy.

Thee Oh Sees – Meat Step Lively

Thee Oh Sees – Meat Step Lively

Thee Oh Sees – “Meat Step Lively” from the Help album on in the red records.

DR HD - Loose the subs - 2010 - Denmark

Crisis? Not here: We had an assistant just picking up the letters.

SEAT Ecomotive - The Test - (2010) :30 Denmark

SEAT Ecomotive - The Test - (2010) :30 Denmark

Taking the car for a ride though the countryside, past the city lights at night all by driving on a treadmill as it passes the animated sun and moon.


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