Agency 358 updates Arla milk's packaging.

Finnish milk brand Arla started selling exclusively local milk. To reflect this, Agency 358 redesigned their packaging. Featuring water color illustrations, each color represents a different type of milk-- low-fat, probiotic, non-lactose, etc. Very pretty stuff. I imagine they really pop on the shelf.


Helsinki Region Transport: See everything on one ticket

Helsinki Region Transport had a little fun showing off all the places you can go with nothing but one ticket and a camera. They showcased very popular tourist destinations in and around Helsinki, with very typical tourists. Funny stuff, especially the Brits outside the Sauna.


Helsinki Transport Region: see everything with one ticket.

With Helsinki Transport Region, all you need is a ticket and a camera, and you can travel freely on the metro, buses, commuter trains and the ferry. I love the simple idea of using the ticket at a camera ot photograph typically touristy things (and typically touristy tourists.)

The destinations, in case anyone is wondering are: