TF1 / Bumper idents redesigned to show inside of things - (France)

TF1 / Bumper idents redesigned to show inside of things - (France)

I've always been fascinated by bumpers and want to make a series one of these days, they're a fun piece of micro-branding where visual wins every time.


Mennen Integral "Full body deodorant" (2015) :20 (France)

Mennen Integral "Full body deodorant" (2015) :20 (France)

Mennen has come out with a new deodorant called INTEGRAL. It's made not just for armpits, but for the whole body. It's also hypoallergenic and alcohol free and gives you 48 hour protection.


Air France - France is in the air - (2015) :45 (France)

Air France  - France is in the air - (2015) :45 (France)

The same director due that brought you Pharrel's "Happy" are now swinging airtravel with ballerinas for Air France.


Air France - Safety Regulations (Dance) - (2015)

Air France  - Safety Regulations (Dance) - (2015)

Attention, please. Attention, se il vous plaît. This is the New Air France safety demonstration video. Nouvelle vidéo démonstration de sécurité Air France


Acadomia "George" (2015) 1:00 (France)

Acadomia "George" (2015) 1:00 (France)

George has a special power. The power of knowledge. Nice anthem spot for online education course Acadomia.


Total Quartz "Forever young" (2015) :45 (France)

Total Quartz "Forever young" (2015) :45  (France)

This spot for Total oil is amazing. Touted as the oil to keep your engine young. The star of the spot is a robot representing the youthful engine. He's pushed to the brink in all kinds of weather but always stays his true charming self.


Air France "France is in the air" (20150 :45 (France)

Air France "France is in the air" (20150 :45 (France)

Air France is in the air. Which makes sense, because airplanes. This light-as-a-feather spot features lots of people on swings. A couple of them are ballerinas from The Opera Garnier.


McDonald's "Spicy Chicken" (2015) :30 (France)

McDonald's "Spicy Chicken" (2015) :30 (France)

McDonald's Spicy Chicken sandwich is really spicy.

Audience: HOW SPICY IS IT?


Le Bon Marché - Seen at Bon Marché print & banner campaign by BETC & Martin Parr

Parisian department store Le Bon Marché revamps as a colourful candy store with the help of BETC and photographer Martin Parr.

One of the world's first department stores, Le Bon Marché continues to set the pace with an ongoing series of artistic projects. This latest collection is a reaffirmation of the close and special ties between the shopping emporium and the arts world.


Leroy Merlin "Happy Valentine's Day" (2015) :45 (France)

Leroy Merlin  "Happy Valentine's Day" (2015) :45 (France)

French Home Improvement store Leroy Merlin gets playful for its Valentine's Day spot. Because nothing says romance like painting your living room wall. Missed opportunity to make it the bedroom, in my opinion. But it's still cute.