ROC / Republic of Chicken - Fire scooter deliveries - (2011) case study (India)

ROC / Republic of Chicken - Fire scooter deliveries - (2011) case study (India)

ROC had a problem, people didn't order in food, because they believed that by the time it arrived it was cold. Not all deliveries suffered from delivering cold foods, and ROC never did, but how does one tell people they deliver hot food?


Osteoarthritis can make your bones collapse like WTC in 9/11

I'm not all too familiar with Osteoarthritis, but according to this ad it can make your knees collapse like the world trade center twin towers did in 9/11. Scary stuff, I better take some meds.

Not the first ad from the world of adland to have the twin towers as visual, eaten by cookie monsters and with plances crashing into them. We collected a few pre-9/11 and post 9/11 ads under that link.


Sugar Free floating billboard - hangs in the air (it's so light, geddit?)

Very interesting execution from Rediffusion Young and Rubicam in India, where they advertise Sugar Free (light) soda by hanging the billboard in the air. Yep. Huge helium balloons held this billboard up, and probably caught a lot of peoples attention.

Albert Dali, Bull Gary, Idiot Proof Names,
Albert Dali, Christy on Deo, Idiot Proof Names,
Albert Dali, Low Rial, Idiot Proof Names,
Albert Dali, Poo Joe, Idiot Proof Names,
Albert Dali, Hug & Does, Idiot Proof Names,

Albert Dali Idiot Proof Names Posters

Pronunciation is the key for brand names. If there's even a minor handle for butchering of the name, a brand can become the laughing stock. That's why, you need idiot-proof names that work in all markets. Our new campaign turns the spotlight on this issue.



The Indian Parliament has been stalling the passage of an Anti-Corruption bill for decades now. A new movement has been started by to force the government's hand on the bill. A 78-year old Gandhian activist Anna Hazare is on a fast unto death to turn the public spotlight on the issue. The advertising community in India is slowly joining the movement.


Diesels fake party invites: Crocodile "tears of joy"

Diesel has launched in India, and for their launch-party they invited celebs with a little bottle of crocodile tears.

"Inspired from the dubious factoid that India has the largest number of Diesel fakes in the world, Diesel’s launch party in India was called the "Fake Party". Celebrities including movie stars, fashionistas, and other A-listers had to be invited to this party.


Onida Anti reflective LED TV - Hitler Gloria - India

India strikes again! I don't know what it is about their fascination with Hitler (in advertising), but they do love to use him. He's such a simple symbol, and here der führer has a gloria above his evil little head, as the ad is bragging about Onida's anti reflective LED TV's. Yeah, Onida, I'm not sure you want your brand name connected with Hitler.

Brand campaigns can suck
Bad brand managers
Choosing an ad agency

Mouse pad posters

Somehow brand naming scores lowest in your average brand manager's scheme of things. Our brief was to shake things up a bit by provoking the brand manager with some mouse pad posters.

Dirty Harry
Steve Martin

Name Chain

We had to think of a fun way to promote ourselves. What better way than to play a name game!

Albert Dali - Elephant
Albert Dali - Banana
Albert Dali - Chair
Albert Dali - UFO
Albert Dali - Parrot

Wrong Names

There is this myth that naming is a no-brainer. So some clients do it themselves and live to regret it after the deed is done. To counter this DIY Naming, we decided to do a stark campaign to educate clients on how badly things can go wrong if the category-fit, product-fit and brand-fit is just not right.