Shortest Stories

To illustrate the fact that names are the shortest stories of brands, we substituted some legendary names with the briefs that would have possibly given birth to the coinage.


Scrabble - the power of words / Goldfish eats shark

Where's Caffeinegoddess, the admitted scrabble addict when we need her? I never play scrabble, not sure about the rules, but I can build words on letters from my opponents word, right?


Denver Deo - Bottle Voodoo - (2010) :30 India

Denver Deo - Bottle Voodoo - (2010) :30 India

This Denver Deo ad looks a lot like Bavaria - Beach Babe Bottle Voodoo


Albert Dali Name Puzzle Posters

Our stark Name Puzzle Posters for Albert Dali Naming Consultants intrigued quite a few. So we decided to befuddle people further with a new series of puzzles!


Puzzle Posters

We designed a new 'Name Game' to give a live experience of the kind of 'intelligent names' Albert Dali is capable of creating. It's a game that uses a little lateral thinking and visual punning. Each poster features a clue about a celebrated brand name. For example to clue Greenpeace, we just arranged a line of Green coloured Letter Ps!


Hippo - Fight Hunger / Hitler , Stalin, Saddam - radio

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Hippo Hitler

Tony Hertz from Hertz Radio in England directed these ads for Hippo, he says;

"I really liked the line 'Hunger is the root of all evil'. Because the concept is so strong and emotionally true it’s an inevitable and logical (if whacky) outcome of the scene and is actually part of the fun. This is unlike so many radio scripts, where the product claim is often the signal that the entertainment is over. It was my first time to work with an Indian agency and with Creativeland Asia was very positive and surprisingly easy despite the distance and time difference."

Agency: Creativeland Asia
ECD: Sajan Raj Kurup, Vikram Gaikwad, Anu Joseph
Creative team: Huzefa Kapadia, Vinit Bharucha, Bryan Elijah
Account services team: Jay Gala, Anjali Khanchandani


Hippo - Fight Hunger - (2010) 1:43

Hippo - Fight Hunger - (2010) 1:43

Hippo knows that hunger is the root of all evil and in this satire of society and all of its ills, the hippo gets everyone to stop being bad by sharing some snacks. Sing along!


Bangalore Traffic Police - Talk them dead - print

In effort to get people on the other end of the line realizing that they are contributing to the risks taken by drivers who talk on the phone, agency mudra group decided to go all out with blood splattering visuals to drive home the point.

"Don't talk while he drives" for the driver should be concentrating on driving, and that's it.


Albert Dali - Naming Complexities Poster Campaign


Albert Dali - Have a name not a cliché

This is Lucifer Labs' New Campaign for Albert Dali Naming Consultants.