Berger Paints - Natural Colors billboard - India

JWT Mumbai had some fun cutting out bits of the billboard in the shape of paint roller strokes for dramatic effect.


Wipro Sweet N Healthy Poster

Dancing steam in the form of a shapely woman. Wipro Sweet N Healthy is the healthy choice.


Blossom Second hand book store

A book good enough to read once can be read twice. From Orchard Advertising, Bangalore, India. Agency website:


Vimochan Development Society - Dowry / Knife / Rope / LPG - print, India

Bhadra Communications, Bangalore, India created this series of posters to speak out against the abuse women in India face.

Copy: Each day, dowry gets an average of twenty Indian women stabbed, burned or hanged.
That's over 7000 innocent victims per year! So please, stay away from it.


Eatalica Italian Food

Client: Eatalica - Itlalian / American Restaurant
Ad agency: 1pointsize
Executive Creative Director: Sharad Haksar
Creative Director: Anantha Narayan
Copywriter: Prakash
Producer: Jai & Arvind
Country : India


Bubbles Hair Salon - Fingerprints

Because each hairstyle is different - and Bubbles Hair salon offers styling that is very you.


Ratika's - age defying designer jewelry

Want to look younger? Have you ever tried some Ratika's designer jewelry?


Mala's Frooti - Bird & Butterfly - (spec work) - India

It's so yummy fresh even nature wants to have a sip of it. Can't blame 'em. Love the illustration here. Too bad it's spec. It's quite tasty. Geddit? Narf narf narf.


Wonderbra - Speed Hump - print, India

I have a sixth spec sense regarding this ad, but Vikrant Wadkar @ R K Swamy BBDO, Mumbai didn't say it was.


Regional Cancer Centre - I love smokers (because I hate sex) - poster, India

Now here's something that I did not know *lights cig, inhales*...

It applies to men only, right? *puff puff puff*