Eatalica Italian Food

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Client: Eatalica - Itlalian / American Restaurant
Ad agency: 1pointsize
Executive Creative Director: Sharad Haksar
Creative Director: Anantha Narayan
Copywriter: Prakash
Producer: Jai & Arvind
Country : India


Bubbles Hair Salon - Fingerprints

Because each hairstyle is different - and Bubbles Hair salon offers styling that is very you.


Ratika's - age defying designer jewelry

Want to look younger? Have you ever tried some Ratika's designer jewelry?


Mala's Frooti - Bird & Butterfly - (spec work) - India

It's so yummy fresh even nature wants to have a sip of it. Can't blame 'em. Love the illustration here. Too bad it's spec. It's quite tasty. Geddit? Narf narf narf.


Wonderbra - Speed Hump - print, India

I have a sixth spec sense regarding this ad, but Vikrant Wadkar @ R K Swamy BBDO, Mumbai didn't say it was.


Regional Cancer Centre - I love smokers (because I hate sex) - poster, India

Now here's something that I did not know *lights cig, inhales*...

It applies to men only, right? *puff puff puff*


Cristian Medical College - Diabetes - print, India

CMC the Cristian Medical College, and R K Swamy BBDO, Mumbai remind people that the consequences of diabetes can be severe.


Eveready Torch - Ball, Spider , Toe - print, India

Youknow, sometimes you really need a torch - and this campaign from Rediffusion DYR Mumbai perfectly illustrates the situations that may require a torch, without showing you anything but pitch dark.


Hot french fries from Lychees, print, India

Lets play "what does the ad communicate?" I will be the first to admit that I'm not getting it. Sorry Siju I usually get your stuff but this time it's rather subtle. I'm overlooking something obvious, aren't I? Or is this just hard? ;) (Schwing! - she gets it)

Link to larger image


Derby Club - The sign of hot men - print, India

1pointsize take the hot man out of the hot club and we can only guess how cool he might have looked. Fashion ads without any clothes.