Volkswagen: Sheep

This Volkswagen ad for ACW Grey Tel Aviv is charming but a bit flawed, as the image reminds me more of an airbag.


Aquafresh: Sleep over

ACW Grey Tel Aviv remind kids to brush our teeth, lest some horrible sugary nasties spend the night.


Aquafresh Gummy Bear + Fish

ACW Grey Tel Aviv bring us the cute, for Aquafresh. Flattened gummy bearskin rug? Where can I get one?


95.5FM - what's really going on with the israeli election - print, Israel

Print: 95.5FM – what's really going on with the israeli election, as depicted by Y&R. Obama listens in, and so does Ahmadinejad. Though not really, really, we all know that, but the point is made with simple visuals. Plus you know, Obama and a boombox, Ahmadinejad in a bath is irreverent enough to stick out.


19th Golden Fish print awards campaign

ACW Grey Tel Aviv celebrates the 19th annual Golden Fish Print Award show with this campaign.

The idea is: Creatives only use 10% of their talent. It's time to bring out the rest.

The illustrations are great but I'm afraid something is lost in translation for me, as I don't get the correlation between when I'm seeing and the line.


Pinsulin: Pin To Top for Juvenile Diabetes

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the awareness days. Thankfully, good campaigns with clear communication help, and this is one of them.

Today is International Juvenile Diabetes Day. And Israeli based Mizbala Group is helping out for JDRF Israel with a campaign called Pin To Top.

They're asking people to promote the issue globally on their Facebook page, just by repinning it on the top, one time. Considering posting photos of kids is pretty much 90% of what my Facebook friends are doing these days, this idea makes a lot of conceptual sense.


BBR Saatchi Saatchi Tel Aviv - So what is Integrated Advertising?

BBR Saatchi Saatchi Tel Aviv - So what is Integrated Advertising?

So what is 'Integrated Advertising'? Lets explain with this animation.


Natal - It's time you return home - print ad, Israel

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma, such as the threat of death to oneself or to someone else in a really scary war. The Yom Kippur war stressed an entire nation.


Toshiba 3D TV - Less Body, Less Fun - print, Israel

So when a ball is deflated,it has "less body"? I'm sure there's a language thing here that I'm missing.


Print: 95.5FM – Escape to reality - print ads Israel

95.5FM is the biggest radio stations in Israel that focuses on news and current events.